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    K Film plus s.r.o. was founded at the beginning of 2008 as a subsidiary of K FILM, Studio Kadlec, s.r.o., whose founder was producer Jan Kadlec, a notable figure of the beginnings of Czech film service production. Under his supervision over 150 foreign projects were completed. At the same time K FILM, Studio Kadlec produced such Czech films as Řad, Fany, Náhrdelník, etc.

    One of the two founders of K Film plus is Jan Kadlec jr., visual artist, film architect, and production designer. It’s credits include series of domestic and foreign exhibitions. We can pick from feature-length films such as Shadows of The Deceased, Viy, August fools, Honeymoon, Clownwise, Garden Story etc.

    The other founder of K Film plus is Tomáš Rotnágl, film production manager who has also worked on dozens of commercial advertisements and music videos. He led the film crew on local feature film productions including Sklapni a zastřel mě (Shut Up And Shoot Me), Panic je nanic, Tajnosti, Bathory, The Honeymoon, Clownwise and Kooky.

    Who We Are / Tomáš Rotnágl

    Born on 4 May 1976 in Prague. After a year at Washington University in St.Louis, MO., and several more years studying international trade at the University of Economics in Prague, he turned to film production, working first as a Production Assistant on Začátek světa and then in 2000 as a Production Coordinator on The Damned, after which began working for large international studio feature films such as xXx (Triple X), Shanghai Knights, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Charles II, Revelations, and Wanted, all filmed in the Czech Republic.

    As a freelance production manager he worked on dozens of commercials and music videos for various local and international production companies.After several years he is managing local productions of films like Shut Up And Shoot Me, Virginity Sucks, Bathory, Little Girl Blue or Kooky etc. and working with award-winning Czech directors Jan Sverak (director of Academy Award winning film Kolja), Juraj Jakubisko and Alice Nellis.

    At the beginning of 2008, together with Jan Kadlec Jr., he founds the production company K Film plus.



    Who We Are / Jan Kadlec jr.

    Born 9 March 1976 in Prague. Between 1994 and 2000 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. In 1999 he became fellow curator of the gallery ARTLAB with Jirí David and Milan Salak, putting together a series of notable exhibitions e.g. 99CZ, Sources of New Style, Green, Boy Story, Sport Gallery, PrivArt, Chaplin Resident Fighter and many others.

    In 2003 he becomes a member of the artist group Reality, and his work finds its way into private collections both foreign and Czech. He is a winner of the Jury Prize of the Zlin Salon of Young Artists and the First Prize at the international exhibition ''Sculpture Grande 07''.

    As an Art Director and Production Designer, he worked under his father for K Film Studio Kadlec, as well as for numerous international productions, before co-founding K Film plus with Tomas Rotnagl. From January 2008 he presents at FAMU (Film and TV School of The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) the seminar "Visual Formulation of Film: Film Scenography."

    Before founding K Film swiss and co-founding K Film plus he was Production Designer on some 70 commercials, both local and international, and in 2000 Production Designer on his first film The Damned in the Czech Republic, after which followed Shadows of The Deceased, Viy, August fools, Honeymoon, Clownwise, Garden Story etc.





    Za vším hledej ženu 2022

    Havel 2020

    The Case of the Dead Deadman 2020

    I Love You Heavenly 2017

    Doppelgangers 2016

    Home Care 2015

    August Fools 2013

    Clownwise 2013

    Honeymoon 2013

    The Prague 2011

    Za vším hledej ženu
    The Case of the Dead Deadman
    I Love You Heavenly
    Home Care
    August Fools
    The Prague



    LU Bakeri Biscuits 2016

    Kon rak luang jai 2011

    Most Haunted 2010

    Samsung 2010

    Author 2009

    Policajti z centra 2007/2008

    LU Bakeri Biscuits

    2016TV Commercial​Production Service for Benetone Films

    Kon rak luang jai

    201124 Part TV SeriesExecutive production

    Most Haunted

    2010Live TV BroadcastsExecutive production


    2010CommercialArt depatment / Film sets


    2009Exhibition platformDesign

    Policajti z centra

    2007/2008TV seriesArt department / Film sets


    Albatross 2013-2020



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